Person-Centered Matters: Making Life Better for Someone Living With Dementia

The segment of this video that features a resident living in an Alcoeur Gardens home begins at time marker 2:58.

This video beautifully portrays the lives of 5 people living with dementia and shows how person-centered care helps them live meaningful lives. Person-centered care helps make life better for someone living with dementia and for those who care about them.

“Person-centered” care is the recognized gold standard for anyone living with dementia, including Alzheimer’s. This video, intended for caregivers, shows the positive results when person-centered care is used — in the home and in elder care settings. A renowned geriatrician, social worker, and family members describe the benefits and importance of person-centeredness.

“Person-Centered Matters” is a beautiful and compelling 16-minute video produced by a former National Geographic filmmaker that shows how easy and beneficial person-centered care is. If you know someone living with dementia you will not want to miss this wonderful video. For more information: