Family Testimonials

Dear Alcoeur Gardens Staff:

Just a note to thank you all for the compassionate care that you give to my mom Florence. She has been a resident of Alcoeur Gardens for nearly ten years. I know it is not always easy and our family is so grateful that Mom is in such good hands.

God Bless You
F. Massey

EvaGouldPorchTimeTomsRiverMy mom, Eva G., has been with you a year and 3 months. I just want to thank everyone for the wonderful care she has received. I want to acknowledge Colleen who is a caring and dedicated person whom we adore, my Mom loves her and so do I. She is always on top of everything and really goes out of her way to make sure my Mom is walking and not just sitting in her wheelchair. she continues to always strive for the best for my Mom. the nurse Nancy who is filling in for Maureen is also outstanding, she is also right on top of things and acts quickly when things are not right, we miss Maureen but Nancy is doing a wonderful job filling in. Last but not least I can’t forget Caitlin, without her I don’t know what we would do. She is a wonderful person and is great with my Mom and all the residents. The whole staff makes it so much easier for me to have my Mother at a facility but I don’t feel she’s at a facility but at home.

Thank you, Cookie

eva1Dear Toms River Staff:
With a broken heart I want to thank everyone at Alcoeur Gardens in Toms River for loving and taking such wonderful care of my mom, Eva. Taking her out of her home and placing her in someone else’s care was one of the hardest thing I ever had to do. I can honestly say Alcoeur Gardens was her home. I have so many great memories of our time there, I will miss each and every one of the staff.

With love and gratitude, Cookie

My sisters and I would like to thank you for the wonderful care you gave our mom, Eva Gould. Our mom liked a full and active life most of her 93 years. The last 2 years proved to be challenging for her as well as for our families. The care and love everyone at Alcoeur Gardens gave our mom was such a comfort to all of us.

Deciding to relocate our mom to Alcoeur was a difficult decision once we realized what a warm, safe, environment Alcoeur was, we were all so relieved knowing she was being so well cared for. We thank you for all for begin such a special part of our Mom’s life as well as ours too!!

With heartfelt thanks, Jaye Rolli and family

MadelineFrickeChristmasTomsRiver“My friends at Alcoeur, Thank you for taking such good care of my Mom, Maddie, for the last 2 1/2 years. You all made the last years of her life very happy and healthy.”

God bless. Bob F. (her son)

“My name is Sylvia S. I am Harold S.’s wife. Harold has been a resident at Alcoeur Gardens in Ocean for six months. For the first few months I lived with the emotional heartache and guilt that I’m sure comes to all caregivers who place a loved one, in my case a beloved one, a facility.

The foremost concern is that the new place will be institutional and cold and routine to serve the needs of staff before the patient. I, along with our children, chose Alcoeur because it seemed to be the most likely to be homelike and caring and resident oriented. It was close to my home and it looked and felt like a home.

I wanted to let you know how I feel now about Alcoeur. I’ve expressed it to Julie at support group which I attend regularly. I just wanted to tell you personally. Your concept of care, the physical structure which reflects that mission is, to me, outstanding. But what has exceeded my hopes and expectation is the loving care and remarkable competence of the staff. I can’t list every name because admittedly I probably can’t recall them all. They are all terrific. I will mention a few whose dedication and work ethic probably set the standard and tone for all. Jennifer, Frantz, Lisa, Almeida and Christina, these are remarkable people. Everyone else mirrors their example. It’s not the building it’s the people.

So, Denise, thank you on behalf of my family for providing a good place for my husband, for the attractiveness and cleanliness of the facility, for the wholesome food, which ranks high in quality and quantity and presentation, but most of all for employing a staff who are outstanding in every way. As I have expressed to Julie on more than one occasion, I can’t think of one thing to suggest to you to improve my husband’s life at Alcoeur.

One day soon I hope to meet you. My regards to Jackie who helped me so much in the beginning. I am truly thankful for having found Alcoeur. ”

Sylvia S.

HymanAlperChristmasAlcoeurGardensOcean“Words cannot express how thankful we are for all the effort you spent taking care of your father, Hyman A. He was a very special man. We are truly grateful for your love and kindness towards him! May God Bless you all for the time and dedication you put forth to take care of our father whom we love so very much! He will be abundantly missed!”

With much gratitude, Lori, Kim & Staci

HowardWeaverBrick“This letter is to convey our family’s deepest gratitude for the outstanding care my brother Howard receives at your Brick facility. The rather sudden decline in Howard’s health last October presented a tremendous challenge for us, not the least aspect that of finding, in an incredibly short time frame, a facility where we could relax in knowing that he level of his care would surpass that of any of the other possibilities we had to consider. Finding Alcoeur Gardens on the Internet, and then touring the Ocean Township facility, was truly an answer to a prayer, a gift. We chose Brick because it’s about midway between Howard’s former residence (and friends) in Whiting and my home in Monmouth County. Eight months later, I remain profoundly grateful, each day, for Alcoeur Gardens and especially for the Brick facility which is now, essentially, my brother’s home.

I haven’t any doubt that you other three locations are equal in excellence to Brick. But it is Brick and the wonderful staff there, and the outstanding leadership of Sabina, that truly make this facility a home. And that quality of it’s being a home, the residents home, is what brings such peace to families like mine. The home-like atmosphere created and sustained by kind, compassionate individuals committed to that very goal, staff who treat those in their care as they would want their own family member treated – all of this is what I think of on those days when I am unable to be there with my brother – and it is a gift beyond measure.

Howard is a man of few words, so when he makes a statement one can rest assured it’s his reality. Many times in the past eight months I have heard him say to visiting family and friends, “they take really good care of me here…” And indeed, I am certain he means it. The staff is his surrogate family, the integrity of the care he receives genuine. Alcoeur Gardens (“of the heart”) is just that – not simply a nice descriptive to market a business, but something much deeper, much more authentic. My current moments and days are punctuated by events I never imagined I’d have navigate, events that can be heart-breaking to an individual, heart-wrenching to a family. Thank you, from my heart, for what you have created in Alcoeur Gardens, for your gift, to our family, of peace.”

Sincerely, Carol A.

EleanorKraisChristmasPartyAlcoeurGardens“My mother, Eleanor K., was a resident at Alcoeur Gardens in Brick until last Thursday, when she passed away. I would like to take this opportunity to express a sincere thank you from our entire family to your staff who made our difficult time much easier. I especially would like to single out Christopher. He was a gem. While Mom was still doing ok, we all noticed the compassionate way Christopher treated her and all the other residents. We would visit and go home saying “that guy is great”. The day she passed away, he came in on his day off to offer his help. He cleared that area so our family could have a private goodbye to our mother. It doesn’t seem possible to have an Alzheimer’s nurse more capable than Christopher. This man gets a big round of applause from the entire K. family.

I also would like to express our thanks to those, including Christopher, Jackie and the other staff members who came to my mother’s viewing to offer their condolences.

Lastly, thank you to Jackie for sending lunch on the day of Mom’s death and the edible arrangement sent to my home after her death.

This family will only have good things to say about mother’s days at Alcoeur.”

Sincerely, John K.

PatriciaPadulaChristmasPartyOcean“Please extend our warmest regards and appreciation to your staff for the professional care, genuine kindness and affection provided to our mother on a daily basis.

Another year has passed with our mother at your facility and we are truly blessed to have her surrounded by a staff that operates “from the heart.”

We wish your entire staff and their families a very happy holiday season.”

Sincerely, the Patty P. Family

“Thank you so much for the “Edible Arrangement” that you sent to us. That was such a lovely thing to do. Thank you for providing a loving home for my mother during her final years. ”

Eloise R.

“We are writing this note of deepest gratitude to thank each one of you for the outstanding kindness, commitment, and care you gave to Pinky in his 13 month stay at Alcoeur Gardens. Sadly, our family has determined that entering a skilled nursing facility at this late stage of his Alzheimer’s Disease is most appropriate for him.

We will miss you all terribly; but we will be forever grateful for the outstanding quality of life and friendship and concern and caring that you gave him and all his family members at beautiful Alcoeur Gardens.

It has been said that God brings angels into a person’s life when they need it; and that is exactly how we feel about all of you. You are the warmth and magic of Alcoeur Gardens; and you will always occupy a special place in our hearts.

With loving gratitude and deepest friendship.”

Jackie, Lon and Vivian

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the great care that Alcoeur Gardens is providing my Mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. Over three years ago, my family came to the difficult decision to place our Mother into full-time care.

Certainly I wanted Mom to have the best care possible, so I researched over two dozen “big” name care facilities in both Monmouth and Ocean counties that typically run full-page newspaper and direct-mail advertising.

Since I had not known of your facility at the time, I placed my Mother in a “big” name facility for the first two years. During my frequent visits with her, I would often find her neglected and sitting alone in her room, not getting the proper nutrition and too often not well-groomed even though the “big” facility had a large staff.

I finally decided to investigate other Alzheimer’s care facilities and I discovered Alcoeur Gardens. Mom has been in your care for over a year now, and I can honestly say that your staff is outstanding in every area of care.

Mom is always clean, she is always present in all the daily activities and she enjoys the tasty nutritional meals. Your facility is clean and orderly any time I visit. The staff is always attentive to each resident and does whatever is necessary to provide a safe and caring environment. What a delight it is to have outstanding care. I would recommend Alcoeur Gardens over any “big” name facility and I would be happy to share my thoughts with any perspective client that you might have.”

Warmest regards, Robert

“My brother visited my step mother Jane at your facility yesterday and gave such a glowing report. I live in California and travel is difficult. Jane was the love of my father’s life and she is very precious to us. I want to thank you for the kind environment you have created and for taking such great care of our loved one.”


“I am always impressed with the staff at Alcoeur Gardens. The turnover is low and that is a direct result of the way the kindness and compassion resonates from the management down to the staff and then onto the residents. We are very happy and most impressed. Also everyone is approachable and that is much appreciated.

I feel that email correspondence would be of benefit to both the family and the staff at Alcoeur Gardens. When my Mom needs something, a quick email can be sent if need be followed up by a phone call. Also, if I have a concern about something I can send off a short email and a time to discuss by phone or in person can be set up. I would rather take up less time using email so more time can go towards taking care of the residents. Also, making phone calls can be disruptive to the staffs day. I know that all staff is available and very approachable but an email would allow time for all to meet concerns more efficiently.”


“Thank you for the timely manner in which you were able to place my cousin Muriel McGowan at your facility. Please extend my thanks as well to your staff who got her settled in and are now caring for her.

Enclosed is a small token of appreciation from my wife Jody and myself. We hope you enjoy it.”

Sincerely, Ron

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of last month’s Alzheimer’s Respite Care fund raising event. Thanks to people like you, Epiphany Knights of Columbus council was able to raise over $2,500.00, which was donated to Caregivers of Central Jersey for their Alzheimer’s program. As this was the first event of this magnitude for us we are certain it would not have been as successful if not for the compassionate support you and your business gave us. On behalf of a grateful council please accept my most sincere thanks.”

Sincerely, James

“It broke my heart when I could no longer care for my Mother at home and had to place her into residential care. I believe the good Lord guided me in choosing Alcoeur Gardens, it was the best decision I could have made. I never once had to worry if she was getting proper care…..was she fed, bathed, loved. I cannot praise everyone enough for the wonderful care and affection she received.

When her time came to meet her maker, she was treated with kindness and respect. The staff at Alcoeur Gardens did everything that could be done to ease her passing, which was not only a comfort to her, but to me as well. At Alcoeur Gardens everyone truly is family.

The final testament to your commitment to family and caring is the wonderful scrapbook that Julie made for me documenting my Mother’s time there. Words cannot express how much that scrapbook means to me. I will cherish it always.

Thank you again for everything!”

Sincerely, Beverly

Your loving support has meant a great deal to our family. We are so deeply grateful and thank God for Alcoeur Gardens

The family of Mary T.

Thank you so much for the celebration for my Pat on her birthday. Having people be aware of her birthday, on the day, was always important to her. In fact, she always wore a pin a that day the said “Its my birthday – where are presents?” Thank you also for letting us visit, along with our dog. I think it went well! The other residents seemed to enjoy it so much. Again, thank you for recognizing her birthday, and for all the good care that you provide every day.

Gratefully – Chris H

My dad was an amazing man and just the sweetest man I will ever know. Because of you his last days were full of caring in every way. He was so content and happy, always clean and well fed, and always felt special because of you. Thank you, Thank you! As much as I will always miss him – especially our phone chats – I know he was in loving hands with you. I am forever grateful to you all for all that you are and all that you do each day. May you always “Create Moments of Joy” – like you did for Pops!

Love Always, Kathy