10 Tips To Get You Through Cold & Flu Season

  1.  Get A Flu Shot ~ This is the most important and one of the easiest ways you can avoid getting the  flu.
  2.  Get More Sleep ~ If you are run down and tired, you will more likely to get sick.
  3.  Drink Tea With HoneySteam from the tea stimulates the tiny follicles up the nose to flush out the  germs.  Honey (preferably Manuka Honey) is antibacterial and lemons are high in Vitamin C and  help thin mucus.
  4.  Sanitize Your Work SpaceUse disinfectant to deep clean anything that people handle a lot, such  as door knobs, elevator buttons, photo copier buttons, computer keys, phones, etc.
  5.  Use Your Own Pen!Especially at bank, doctor’s offices, etc.
  6.  Stop Biting Your Nails!  Biting you nails is a guaranteed way for germs to enter your body.
  7.  Wash Your Hands, ALOT!  More you wash your hands the less likely you are to harbor germs – no  soap & water around? Use hand sanitizer.
  8.  Sweat!  Sweating helps the body release toxins; work out, run, sit in sauna, etc.
  9.  Symptoms ~ Act on early symptoms such as, sneezing, sore throat, headache, as soon as  possible to  minimize effects.
  10.  Eat & Sleep well.  Avoid stress, get plenty of exercise and take vitamin C and D.